The FIFA World Cup 2022

Everything You Need to Know About the Venues Are you ready to come to a rich country surrounded by water on three sides? Enjoy the world’s most exciting football event, and cheer on your favorite team at the World Cup? FIFA World Cup Location The 2022 FIFA World Cup is an international football competition that […]

All About Qatar

Qatar Geography  Qatar is located in the Middle East and is a peninsula in southern Arabia. Qatar borders Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf and covers 11,437 square kilometres. The terrain is mostly flat, barren desert. The weather in Qatar is relatively hot throughout the year. It is coolest in January, with temperatures ranging from […]

Yalda Night, Iranian Winter Festival

The hottest family party on the Coldest Night of the Year Yalda Night, also called Shabe Yalda or Shabe Chele, is the longest night of the year between the last day of fall and the first day of winter, which falls on December 21 every year. This night is one of the most famous and […]


A vast country like Iran with a long and ancient history and civilization is full of cultural sites and historical monuments. In Iran museums, one can find an extraordinary and unique collection of archeological artifacts. Although some Iranian historical artifacts are kept in the museums of other countries, in Iran you can see a handpicked […]

Hyrcanian Forests

In Persian, called /jan-gal-haye shomal/ Watching movies is the only way we can see dinosaurs. But we are going for a few hours’ drive to the forests that are as old as the dinosaurs.                                        Hyrcanian forests,the remnants of an Ice Age      The forests of northern Iran are the oldest dense forests in the world, […]

Sassanid Archaeological Landscape of Fars Region

Fars province is a treasure chest of palaces, fortifications, and reliefs from the Sassanid period. In 2018, UNESCO registered eight archeological sites of this great treasure in Firoozabad, Bishapur, and Sarvestan: Dokhtar Castle, The Oldest Domed building in the WorldIn Persian, called /qal-e dokhtar/ Qaleh Dokhtar (Dokhtar means girl), as a 71-hectare fortress built by […]

The Historic City of Yazd

In Persian, called /Yazd/ The historic city of Yazd located in the heart of Iran deserts, between the Dasht-e Kavir and the Dasht-e Lut, Esfahan and Kerman, and close the Spice and Silk Roads in Yazd Province. Yazd, as an ancient city, dates to the Achaemenid era. The adobe city has a hot and arid […]

The Persian Qanat

In Persian, called /qanat/ or /kariz/ Most Iran cities have a hot and arid climate, formed based on water supply in response to the harsh weather by providing water systems inside the arid deserts. In the early part of the first millennium BC, Iranians constructed underground water horizontal tunnels on deserts with no water resources […]

Jam-e Mosque of Esfahan

In Persian, called /masjed jam-e isfahan/ Jame Mosque of Esfahan, also known as Atiq Mosque and Masjed Jameh Isfahan, is the oldest Friday (congregational) mosque in the heart of Iran, Esfahan. As the twelve centuries’ veritable museum, the history of Jame Mosque is not related to a single period. It covers Sassanid, Abbasid, Buyid, Seljuq, […]

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