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Camping Tours in Iran

Due to its unique beauty and diverse sceneries, nature lovers have always praised Iran’s nature. Sky-high mountains, vast deserts, Hyrcanian forests, protected natural areas, wetlands and beautiful southern islands are all among the natural attractions of Iran.

As a professional ecotourism and camping service provider, Persian Tourism Service has been able to create extraordinary and memorable experiences for tourists interested in Iran’s nature and beauties. The climatic and geographical diversity of Iran, different native cultures and ethnicities along with professional services offered by Persian Tourism Service will bring tourists unforgettable moments. The following are some of our highly recommended itineraries:

  • Camping, hiking and camel riding in the Central Desert of Iran
  • Running camps in different natural ecosystems including deserts, forests, shores and mountains, all in one trip
  • Visiting both natural attractions and historical-cultural sites in one combined tour package, including a 3-night camping
  • Off-road programs with 4WD cars
  • Climbing the highest peaks of Iran
  • Experiencing nomadic migrations

Given the fact that in nature tours, following an exact time table is of great importance, and due to the particular circumstances of each program and the specific equipment that is needed, we strongly suggest that you seek ecotourism services from an expert tour planner like Persian Tourism Service! Contact us if you want to experience an extraordinary and unforgettable trip. The following is a highlight of one of our desert camping and hiking programs.