Iran Is a Safe Destination for You

In tourism, security and safety come first. Today, choosing a safe destination has become a great concern for all travelers and tourists.

When you first think of Iran, you might have the impression that it is an unsafe destination due to being located in the unstable Middle-East. This is definitely not the case, and Iran is completely safe and many travelers even describe it as the safest country they’ve ever been to. Iranians are the friendliest of people and will welcome you with open arms.

In recent years, even with the escalation of the situation in the Middle East, Iran has always been a safe country and barely suffered any terrorist attacks with civilian damage. This peace and safety convince lots of incoming tourists to come and visit Iran and enjoy this naturally and culturally-rich and civilized country. However, in order to ensure your safety, it is recommended to avoid travelling near border areas.

As crime carries severe penalties in Iran, the most likely danger you could face (apart from crossing the road!) is robbery or being a target for pickpockets. Therefore, it is wise to take the usual precautions:

  • On public transport and in crowded tourist sites, keep your valuables such as passport, money, camera and mobile phone close.
  • Keep copies of your most important documents such as passport and visa.
  • Don’t flash money or expensive equipment, e.g. camera.

Road Safety

Traffic in Iran, and especially Tehran, is crazy and chaotic. Be extremely careful while crossing the street. You might be noticed, but not always taken into account by drivers! Furthermore, when having started to cross the road, avoid making any unpredictable movement, such as turning back or starting to run.

Travelling as a Woman

Iran is considered a safe country for female travelers. Nonetheless, as in any other country, women should be more careful when being alone with a man, for instance, while using a taxi at night. More attention should be paid in this regard as foreign women might attract more attention.

Police and Security

In most cities, there is a Tourist Police Station, which provides travelers with information. An English speaker is usually present to help you if necessary.

There are various police forces in Iran. The police can be identified by their bright green uniforms, dark green caps or berets and white cars with green stripes, and traffic police by their white cap and white cars with blue stripes. If you are stopped by the police for any reason, always stay calm, polite and apologetic.

The emergency telephone number in Iran is 110.

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