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The Village of Mesr is an island in the sea of infinite dunes of fine sand. One may climb a high dune and the panoramic landscape gives the impression of a wavy ocean with far away and seemingly unreal mountain chains as its distant shores.
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The total area of Iranian deserts is approximately
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Mesr Desert

One of the main tourist attractions of Iran is its stunningly massive deserts. The total area of Iranian deserts is approximately 320,000 km2, meaning that 20% of Iran is covered in deserts, which would be as big as Norway and even larger than Poland!

The major reason of the uniqueness of Iranian deserts is that they contain several mountain chains, creating a truly magnificent landscape. Fine sand, clear and starry sky and absolute silence are considered the common characteristics of Iranian deserts. Yet each desert has its own unique features which make the experience even more incredible.


The Village

The Village of Mesr is located in Isfahan Province, close to the cities of Khur and Jandagh, to which you can travel via public transport. It is located 630 km away from Tehran, an 8-hour trip by car, and 430 km away from Isfahan, a 5-hour trip by car.

In Farsi, Mesr means ‘Egypt’ and . Although no pyramids are found in it, the Mesr Desert has a lot to offer to each traveler. one can find peace and silence underneath a starry sky, another can experience the thrill of an off-road adventure, driving up and down the sand dunes. The Mesr Desert will surely disappoint no one.

All in all, in the Mesr Desert, you can behold a variety of landscapes from salt lakes to mountains and high sand dunes.

Sitting around the bonfire, drinking tea and admiring the stunning beauty of desert sunset is an experience you must not miss while visiting Iran. The way the sun lights up sand dunes and distant mountains is inexplicably beautiful. As the sun descends and gradually hides beyond the horizon, a magnificent nightscape made up of thousands of single stars starts to emerge, revealing billions of other stars located in Milky Way arms, resembling infinite clusters of dust particles. The unfathomable glory and magnificence of Milky Way stuns you, making you feel closer than ever to the rest of the universe.

While Mesr is a perfect place for relaxation and meditation, those looking for a more adventurous experience in the desert will for sure find what they are looking for. Riding a camel and roaming around the sand dunes is a must when visiting any desert, and Mesr is no exception. For those who look for more action, riding a four-wheeled ATV motorcycle or an off-road vehicle and climbing up and down the sand dunes is a great way to spend an evening in the desert especially during sunset. Our well experienced drivers take you on an insane ride through the desert, where you go up over 20 meters on dunes, beating any roller-coaster ride.

Mesr is also surrounded by many beautiful and historical sites. You can visit the nearby Qanat, located in the city of Jandagh, an underground canal which is used to transfer water over more than a dozen kilometers from mountains to the village. Mesr is also an ideal place for one-day trips to other beautiful sites nearby, such as the 3000 year-old Bayaze Castle, the oasis of Garme as well as the cities of Tabas, Naien (Nain) and Chupanan, all of which have their own unique natural and historical sites.

Persian Tourism Service (PTS) Group hosts you in this incredible and extraordinary village. Our special services include desert camping, providing accommodation in the best local ecotourism camp, desert hiking and special desert tours in the Mesr Desert.

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he largest of the mud-brick houses in Mesr, this well-run establishment offers traditional rooms around a courtyard...

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