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We are Persian Tourism Service

Long ago and far away, in Iran, the land of undiscovered treasures, in early 2014, our founder as the Minister of Commerce of ISNA News (Iranian Student News Agency) found that there was no suitable and sufficient information about Iran in English. So he decided to do so. When Mohammad started his business, he discovered a gap between the number of tours and tour operators. So he entered the heart of tourism.

Amir joined PTS to create the PTS website. They formed the team of PTS to improve the quality of tours for foreign tourists. Since 2015, Persian Tourism Service has been working with many specialists, capable and volunteers from the world of tourism from different countries. Dom, the European co-founder of PTS, plays a key role in the success of PTS.

The main purpose of this group (Iran lovers) was to present the true face of Iran away from the negative reflection of political news and to organize professional tours in Iran. These tours include top nature tours, tours of Iran for experts, and sightseeing tours of the Iranian startup ecosystem.

What makes PTS, PTS

Persian Tourism Service has been providing accurate information about Iran through its professional team for several years. Laws, restrictions and tourist experiences have been uploaded on the PTS website and YouTube channel in four different languages. Persian Tourism Service is the best choice for you if you want to trek in the heart of the central desert of Iran. If you want to see the sea, mountains, forests and desert in one day and are interested in historical and cultural tours. If you are a professional nature tourist or interested in entrepreneurship and startup activities, forget everything you have heard about Iran, open your heart and mine and fly to the heaven we call Iran.

For travellers, by a professional travel planner team.

You belong here

PTS Vision

We believe that travel has a great impact on people’s mental health and leads to interaction between different cultures and traditions. The surprising experience of talking to strangers, touching history and culture, and seeing spectacular natural landscapes are unique experiences during your planned trip. The fascinating nature, unique culture, rich history, and hospitable and warm people are words that make Iran an undiscovered paradise. These are not just words; this is the truth about Iran.

We are here, to tell the truth, be a travel consultant and provide the best tours for our selected tourists. Persian Tourism Service Team aims to paint an accurate picture of Iran as an attractive and safe destination for tourists and capture unforgettable memories for guests by offering specialized tours and professional tour guides. Wait for PTS soon in the Greater Persia region, such as Tajikistan and Azerbaijan.

PTS Mission

To show the true face of Iran through various valuable contents,
best travel itineraries, and conducting professional tours

The PTS team begins its mission as a bold, incredibly rewarding one by creating a home for you in cyberspace through its website, YouTube channel, Instagram, and Facebook. It seeks to showcase Iran’s attractions by publishing helpful content and raising awareness among tourists about travelling to Iran. It also sets the best itinerary for travellers.

The most important service of the Persian Tourism Service is to provide the highest quality nature tours in Iran. Mountain trekking and special desert tours in various forms of camping, hiking, camel riding, and driving are our specialities that have found great appeal among European tourists. Experiencing four different natures, mountains, desert, forest, and sea, in one day is one of the components of our Iran tour packages. On the other hand, the specialized tour to visit the Iranian startup ecosystem is a unique and different program organized by our expert team.

Only One Earth
PTS Save Planet Special Misson

Participate in PTS Save Planet Misson. PTS team will decide to plant one tree for each tourist. And each tree will have an identity card in your name. So, travel to Iran with PTS and give a tree to our planet. You are planting a tree, not for this generation, but for the next generation.
Join us on this mission.

PTS Client

PTS welcomes anyone who wants to travel to Iran in a world where anyone can belong anywhere. Our lucky clients are travel agencies inside and outside Iran, nature and history lovers, and tourists who intend to travel to Iran for various reasons. We should say that our clients are not only people who want to travel to Iran, but also people who are interested in the history, culture, and geography of Greater Iran (ancient Persia). You can visit Iran with us as part of our complete package or smaller packages. It all depends on you, our lucky client.

Walk on the lands of treasures by our shoes

[ our professionals ]

PTS Team

This is our team, several professional people who work hard to capture unforgettable moments for you on your trip to Persia. Our team brings a wealth of sweaty memories of travel to Persia with their high-quality travel services. Of course, other people are working with us who are not mentioned by names here, such as copywriters and tour guides. Many friends from Germany, the Netherlands, Malta, China, and Iran have also worked for PTS over the years and volunteered with us in Iran. The former colleagues whose help has made our current successes possible. We will never forget them and wish them success and happiness.

Meet the team members at


Founder / CEO | In Iran


Co-Founder / COO | In Europe


Executive Manager | In Iran


Web designer | In Iran


Content Manager | In Germany


Financial Advisor | In Iran


Specialist for Desert Tours | In Iran


Content Specialist | In Iran







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    [ FOUNDER / CEO ]


    I am Mohammad, the founder, the Chief Executive Officer of PTS, and the organizer of the company`s vision and strategy. I began my life as a travel lover and graduated from Tehran University, where I earned dual degrees in Physics and Tourism! And I started my activities and nature-based tourism as a world travel guide, hotel manager, financial advisor, and explorer of Iran on IRIB television. The idea of PTS was born in 2014 when I realized that there was not enough content and professional tour operator to  present Iran as an ideal destination. Due to my tourism skills, I have always tried to do my job professionally and provide the right tools, information, and team members.

    [ Co-Founder / COO ]


    I was being born in Europe and had a degree in philosophy. I have had many ideas to improve the quality and quantity of PTS services as a travel service for the tourists in Persia and to be closer to the needs of Europeans. Since I am interested in the history and culture of Iran, I invested in PTS so that my European friends can experience the best travel to Iran. Even though I am geographically far away and was born in a distant country, I have grown fond of the PTS group and Persia.

    [ AUTHOR ]


    Executive Lead

    I am Mahtab. I am here to help the team at PTS show the world the true face of Iran as a safe and prosperous country. I earned my Master`s degree in Translation Studies from Esfahan University and my tour guide certificate from the Cultural Heritage Administration in Tehran. My favorite birthday gift as a child was a typewriter. Since then, I have been able to write a lot in long hours. Did you fall in love with tourism and travel? I have been in your shoes. So stay with Persian Tourism Service. PTS is a double win for travelers and tourism enthusiasts.



    Design Lead

    I`ve been designing and developing here at PTS since 2014, but I`ve been a graphic designer, web designer, a Google Map Local Guide, and editor of the Waze and MapsMe applications since the early 2010s. I have two passions in life: The first is technology, the second is travel. I love the design and constantly pushing myself in new ways to design and improve my craft. I also have a serious addiction to traveling.

    [ Content Manager ]


    Copywriter Lead

    My name is Fatemeh, and I am the Content Manager of PTS. My job is to write content-rich and creative texts to give you a better view of the land of beauty and myths, Iran. Other than that, I am busy reading and studying, as I am a Master’s student of English Literature at the University of Bonn. Since I have always been fascinated by the cultures and traditions of other countries, I like to watch a documentary or listen to a podcast about other cultures and traditions in my free time. Thank you for taking the time to read my content!

    [ Financial Advisor ]


    Business Lead

    Originally from Esfahan, I am known among my friends as an active consultant, energetic and tenacious teammate. I have worked with various companies and private clients in Iran and European countries, helping them to strengthen their brands. I try my best to be an excellent asset to PTS.

    [ Specialist for Desert Tours ]


    Desert Tour Leader

    I live and breathe in the desert; people call me a desert man and know my diligence, hospitality, and dedication to work. I started traveling the desert many years ago and never looked back. I have always tried to do my work and tours without any problems. In other words: When I dedicate myself to a task, everyone is relieved and confident that it will be done in the best possible way. Besides, I am one of the most skilled off-road drivers there is in the Middle East!

    [ Content Specialist ]


    Content Writer Lead

    As a Content Specialist, I am part of the great team that builds the following of PTS. I have an MSc in Arts and have been working in content marketing since 2015. As a professional translator and interpreter, I am fluent in English. I am also an astrophile and astronomer obsessed with the night sky and always leading astronomy tours. My north star is developing content strategies and creating helpful content. I am crazy about European classical music.