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Allow us take you on an unforgettable journey through Iran. This is your moment. Let’s make it memorable!

Iran’s stunning beauty and unique culture is for sure one that needs to be discovered. Iran has so much to offer to everyone: from the culture enthusiast, the adventure seeker to the food lover. Iran has it all! This is where we, as Persian Tourism Service (PTS Group), come in. PTS was founded in 2014 by Mohammad Najafi, a young enthusiast, passionate about travelling and showing the real Iran to those who would love to experience the invaluable culture, nature and history of this country. Our goal is to help you discover the diversity of Iran:  from its mountains and deserts, to its rich history and culture, but above all its extremely hospitable people.

At PTS, we believe that every journey starts with you. Whether you are interested in exploring the famous cities, the untouched nature or the best kept secrets of the country, we would be more than happy to assist you. As a mediator between travel agencies, tour guides, residences and tourists, we are here to help you the best way possible.

Mohammad Najafi

Mobile : +98 912 399 7252

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