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-buy anything you want from Iran, from exquisite products, the best souvenirs, and handicrafts to goods from online stores due to economic sanctions against Iran -to show a good link for repairing your valuable Iranian products like Persian carpets and valuable books -by giving you insurance to get products of high quality based on the world-class standards -to pay in which way as you go.

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Shopping in a country with thousands of years of culture and a unique climate can be exciting for anyone in the world. Iran is a vast country with a history as old as human civilization. So it is not surprising that you will see valuable handicrafts that are also registered on UNESCO and follow the customs of this region. Due to the geographical location and the different climate, the products are of high quality and variety in agriculture and enjoy a good reputation worldwide. Moreover, the existence of the so-called poets and their books in the land of mythical poets has contributed to the rich culture of Iran.

     The good news is that Iranians did not create art just for the sake of beauty. They also created art for the sake of beauty and usage, such as handicrafts as wonders of the Silk Road (like Persian carpets, Kalpurgan pottery, and Mina-Kari ), traditional musical instruments (like Setar, Tar, and Tonbak), books (like the Book of Hafez), and food products (like saffron and pistachios).

    Persian Tourism Service offers you the opportunity to buy things you need, of the best quality, at a reasonable price, and with a free shopping consultant. Trust us and just order what you want. PTS is known for paying attention to customer satisfaction and being honest with its customers.

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Iran has the second largest economy in the middle east after Saudi Arabia.

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