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Iran is a vast country with numerous historical and natural attractions, about which many books have been written and much has been shared on the internet. This text, which is based on the feedbacks given by European tourists, aims to introduce many of these special attractions. We guarantee that visiting each of these places would be the highlight of your trip to Iran. First, it should be noted that this text contains places that are not yet registered by UNESCO, suitable for people who seek special experiences and places.



Perhaps it can be said that the most enchanting and unique of the whole Iranian ecosystem are its vast and beautiful deserts. It is good to know that the Lut Desert is registered by UNESCO, about which you can find more information on this website. On the other hand, several villages and local accommodations are located in the heart of the desert near several tourist cities of Iran, including Kashan, Isfahan and Yazd, where you can spend half of your dal to visit them.

But Persian Tourism Services has a special offer for you. The Mesr desert, also known as the core of Iranian ecotourism, is a gem located in the heart of the desert which stuns every traveler. Of the most amazing attractions of this region are its local accommodations, the possibility of unique experiences in the Central Desert of Iran and professional itineraries. The residents of the Central Desert of Iran have long been known for their friendliness and hospitality, leading to one of the best parts of your trip. Contact us to book local accommodation, get acquainted with tour leaders and access services such as off-road tours, desert camping and anything else you may need during your trip to desert. A highlight video of one of our 6-day desert camping and hiking trips to the Mesr desert can be watched through the following link:

Laton Waterfall

the tallest waterfall in Iran, is an amazing tourist attraction located in Northern Iran near the border city of Astara, lying in the forest mountains of Iran. Some professional mountaineers and hikers hike the road from Soha to Laton, which includes two nights of camping and less than three days of hiking. Mid-spring and early fall are the best times to visit this region, where summers are hot and humid and winters are cold and snowy. If you are planning to visit this remarkable waterfall, we definitely offer you the best tour package possible.

You can stay at Espinas Astara Hotel. This five-star hotel is located in a very beautiful place, less than 30 minutes away from the parking lots, where one can start . Furthermore, various cottages have been built to accommodate and receive nature tourists along the way. However, it should be noted that where the asphalt road ends, there are no utility poles and the cottages on the dirt road lack mains electricity, benefiting from generators only for a few hours each night. There is also poor cell phone signal on the way to the waterfall.

Ali-Sadr Cave

is one of the natural wonders of the Iranian plateau. It is one of the few water caves in the world, owning the world’s longest path for cave paving by boat. Located in the province of Hamedan, this cave is 2100 meters above the sea level. The cave is a maze of tunnels and corridors, 11 kilometers in length, only 3 kilometers of which has been discovered due to its impenetrable passages. Numerous rivers flow into the cave which have created a large lake inside, and therefore descending into the cave is only possible by boat.

Ali-Sadr Tourism Hotel is located near the cave’s entrance. It should be noted that many historical monuments remained from ancient Iran are located in the city of Hamedan. Furthermore, if you intend to visit Western Iran, Hamedan is a very comfortable stop located 300 kilometers away from Tehran.

Hormuz Island

also known as Hormoz Island, which is located near Qeshm Island is an amazingly stunning attraction for the lovers of nature. The beautiful shores and the colorful sands of this island are the best place to spend the night on the beach. On Qeshm and Hormuz, you can experience a special lifestyle. Local music and dance, various seafood dishes, water sports and the extraordinary nature are all the more reasons for you to visit this region.

On Qeshm Island, you can stay at either luxurious hotels or local accommodations. However, we recommend the latter ones which are run by locals. There is not a developed tourism infrastructure on Hormoz Island, though you can visit all around the island on a half-day tour on bicycles or motor tricycles and enjoy the natural wonders. Qeshm and Hormuz Islands are located in southwestern Iran, access to which is possible by both air and sea from Bandar Abbas. Winter is the best time to visit the southern islands of Iran.

Nomadic life

is a very old lifestyle. There were different ethnicities in ancient Iran, who had to migrate to live on and to provide water and fodder for their livestock, which proved to be difficult due to the mountainous terrains of the Iranian plateau. Even today, there are still some groups of Iranian folks who have maintained the nomadic lifestyle and live through migration. You can accompany them on a half-day trip or even fully participate in a seasonal migration which requires good physical fitness and visiting at the right time.

Mount Damavand

Located in Alborz mountain ranges, Mount Damavand is the highest peak in Iran with an elevation of 5610 meters above the sea level, clearly visible from Tehran. Every year, many mountaineers travel to nearby towns to climb this peak, which requires expert guidance, good physical fitness and a support team due to its special conditions. In case you aim to climb this magnificent peak, Persian Tourism Service Group is ready to provide you with the requirements and make the necessary coordination.

Furthermore, the City of Damavand itself has a really nice weather and hosts many domestic tourists throughout the year. There are many professional ski resorts in Alborz mountain ranges which attract many athletes annually. Being located near Tehran and offering inexpensive yet quality services have made these ski resorts so famous and popular.

Iran is a vast country with a variety of attractions. If you want to experience the best and the most memorable trip, we recommend you to consult us. We offer you the most appropriate package tailored to your budget, interests and travelling style, considering your trip’s duration. We can even offer you a tailor-made itinerary.

Finally, you are invited to watch a video by Drew Binsky, who has explained the major reasons why he is satisfied with his visit to Iran.

Arash Farasat

Arash Farasat