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Long ago and far away, in Iran, the land of undiscovered treasures, in early 2014, our founder as the Minister of Commerce of ISNA News (Iranian Student News Agency) found that there was no suitable and sufficient information about Iran in English. So he decided to do so. When Mohammad started his business, he discovered a gap between the number of tours and tour operators. So he entered the heart of tourism.
To show the true face of Iran through various valuable contents, best travel itineraries, and conducting professional tours

The PTS team begins its mission as a bold, incredibly rewarding one by creating a home for you in cyberspace through its website, YouTube channel, Instagram, and Facebook. It seeks to showcase Iran’s attractions by publishing helpful content and raising awareness among tourists about travelling to Iran. It also sets the best itinerary for travellers.
The most important service of the Persian Tourism Service is to provide the highest quality nature tours in Iran. Mountain trekking and special desert tours in various forms of camping, hiking, camel riding, and driving are our specialities that have found great appeal among European tourists. Experiencing four different natures, mountains, desert, forest, and sea, in one day is one of the components of our Iran tour packages. On the other hand, the specialized tour to visit the Iranian startup ecosystem is a unique and different program organized by our expert team.

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Due to its unique beauty and diverse sceneries, nature lovers have always praised Iran’s nature.

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It is frightening to strangers and fascinating to lovers. And all look forward to returning. The desert never lets go of visitors who have fallen for its charms.

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