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Top Five Hotels in Iran

The magical land of Iran has never disappointed its visitors. With its four-season climate, it promises to fascinate you with its wonders. The combination of architectural masterpieces, lush forests of the north, and the starry sky of the desert creates an extraordinary experience for the travelers, such that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. In addition to all these wonders, Iranians are known for their hospitality and treating their guests as their dearest friends, ensuring everything is of its best quality. This has led to the construction of luxurious and stylish accommodations and hotels everywhere in Iran to welcome travelers. Each of these hotels tries to represent the art and architecture of the city it is located in and this unique land. Plus, the tourism industry has grown significantly over the last years in Iran, resulting in better and more convenient facilities for tourists. Below, we’ve gathered a list of the top five five-star hotels in Iran that you can consider for your next travel.

Espinas Palace Hotel, Tehran;
a Luxurious Hotel for The Perfect Vacation

Espinas Palace Hotel is a 5-star, 74-story grand hotel situated in North West of the city of Tehran. Built-in 2016 as the third one of the Espinas chain, this hotel has always attracted travelers and businessmen from all around the world looking for comfort and elegance.

The Persian word ‘Espinas’ means to live in a pleasant area at the foot of a mountain. Besides, Espinas is the name of one of the mountains of the Alborz mountain range, which is located near the city of Astara. Mount Espinas was a temporary residence for travelers who wanted to travel from Astara to Europe in ancient times.

Facilities and Rooms of Espinas Palace Hotel

With more than 500 rooms, this luxurious hotel offers a wide range of accommodation types, from single rooms to royal and president suits. In addition, the hotel includes other facilities such as hair salons, a shopping center, a professional gym, a massage parlor, a tennis court, swimming pools, international restaurants, coffee shops, a stylish lobby, a parking garage, sauna, and jacuzzi. All of this, together with its spectacular location and view and its modern and impressive interior design and architecture, make your stay in the capital of Iran unforgettable.

Approximate Time to Get from Espinas Palace Hotel to Important Places in Tehran:

To Imam Khomeini International Airport, Tehran: 64 minutes by car (74 km)
To Tehran International Exhibition: 12 minutes by car (8 km)
To Beyhaqi bus terminal in Argentina Square: 22 minutes by car
To Azadi Tower: 19 minutes by car (13 km)
To Mehrabad Airport: 21 minutes by car (16km)
To Golestan Palace: 37 minutes by car (21 km)
To Tehran Bazaar: 39 minutes by car (21 km)

Espinas Palace Hotel - Tehran
Abbasi Hotel; an Authentic Experience
in the Heart of the City of Turquoise Domes

Suppose you are looking for a traditional and authentic experience during your stay in Isfahan. In that case, Abbasi Hotel is the right choice for you. Known as the oldest hotel in Iran, Abbasi hotel is located on Chaharbagh Abbasi Street in the heart of the city of turquoise domes, Isfahan. Originally a caravanserai, this building was designed and built during the early 18th century by order of Shah Sultan Hossein Safavid and was given as a present to his mother. That’s the reason why most people knew the Abbasi Caravanserai as the Shah’s Mother’s Caravanserai during his reign. This caravanserai was rebuilt and turned into the luxurious Abbasi hotel in 1967.

Facilities and Rooms of Abbasi Hotel

Abbasi Guest House or Shah Abbas Hotel, which is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful inns in the world, is the only five-star hotel in Isfahan with 225 rooms units ranging from single and double rooms to all kinds of ordinary suites to Qajar and Safavid suites. In addition, the hotel includes 14 reception halls, various restaurants, and traditional cafes. Therefore, it is ready to provide service to about 1500 guests.

This traditional hotel is undoubtedly one of the architectural masterpieces of Isfahan, which not only is a reflection of the art of its time but also contains symbols of the architecture and art of its following decades, namely Afshari and Qajar. This residential house is made of a large and magnificent courtyard with four small gardens which in Persian architecture resemble heaven. The exceptional and beautiful view of the garden and the turquoise dome of Chaharbagh School brings a picturesque view to the hotel residents.

Hotel’s Location

The hotel is located in the city’s historical context on Chaharbagh Abbasi Street, therefore offering easy access to numerous recreational centers and tourist attraction sights such as Hasht Behesht Palace, Si-o-se-pol Bridge, Naghsh Jahan Square, and Chehel Sotun Palace.

Abbasi Hotel’s Distance to Isfahan’s Attractions:

To Aali Qapo Mansion: 15 minutes walk and 5 minutes by car (1.2 km)
To Chehel Soton Palace: 10 minutes on foot and 5 minutes by car (1 km)
To Isfahan Bazaar: 21 minutes walk and 12 minutes by car (1.7 km)
To Si-o-se-pol bridge: 3 minutes by car (1.2 km)
To Naghsh Jahan Square: 20 minutes-walk and 6 minutes by car (1.6 km)
To Imam Mosque: 15 minutes walk a nd 3 minutes by car (1.2 km)
To Hasht Behesht Palace: 7 minutes walk and 3 minutes by car (700 meters)
To the airport: 40 minutes by car (23 km)
To the train station: 25 minutes by car (12 km)

Abbasi Hotel - Isfahan
Toranj Hotel; Turning Your All-inclusive
Dreams into Reality

Located northwest of the Kish Island, the cozy, on-water Toranj Hotel offers an uninterrupted, relaxing view across the Persian Gulf.  This five-star hotel was built in 2015 in two phases of waterfront villas and a multi-story building on the beach. Toranj Hotel is the first on-the-water hotel in Iran and the first environment-friendly hotel in Kish, which has received some awards in this regard. In constructing this hotel, an effort has been made to cause the most minor environmental damage. To this purpose, two artificial islands have been built to attract migratory birds and create a natural ecosystem for them. In addition, it must be kept in mind that staying at the Toranj Hotel is very different from staying at other hotels, and of course, it has its own rules. However, friendship with the environment and trying to preserve it are conditions that must be met when traveling to this part of the island.

Facilities of Toranj Hotel
The facilities of this luxurious hotel are unique because of their different shape. Due to the great distance between the rooms of Toranj Hotel, golf carts are used for transportation and room service. The staff meets your daily needs with these vehicles to your rooms, so you will not have to wait long for your requests.
Toranj Hotel has two restaurants and two coffee shops. Upon entering the wooden corridor, you can spot the Golf Café in front of you. This cafe has two floors, which have a modern and charming decoration and a relaxing atmosphere. On the roof of the cafe, you can enjoy your coffee with an alluring and spectacular view of the sunset over the Persian Gulf. The cafe’s roof is carpeted with artificial grass and has a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.
The main restaurant of Toranj Hotel is Khorshid Restaurant or The Sun Restaurant. Located in the hotel’s wooden hallway, Khorshid Restaurant faces the azure waters of the Persian Gulf and has features that will excite you. This restaurant enjoys a varied menu of Persian and French dishes cooked by the best chefs on the Island. We suggest giving this restaurant and its unique environment a try if you plan to visit Kish Island.

Rooms of Toranj Hotel
This hotel is located in the most pristine area of ​​Kish Island with a natural ecosystem. 100 suites of Toranj Hotel are located on the water. All rooms have glass floors where you can watch all kinds of sea creatures and balconies and give you the best view of Kish Island sunrise and sunset. These villas are connected by a wooden pier for about one kilometer. They have created the pattern of Paisley on the sea.

Toranj Hotel’s Distance to Important Centers of Kish:
To The Greek Ship: 9 minutes by car (6.1km)
To Bird Garden: 21 minutes by car (17.1km)
To Dolphin Park: 21 minutes by car (17km)
To Zeytoon Market: 16 minutes by car (13.4km)
To Marjan Bazaar: 21 minutes by car (16.8km)
To the airport: 10 minutes by car (6 km)

Toranj Hotel - Kish island
Zandiyeh Hotel, Shiraz; A Classic Appeal with a Modern Twist

Would you like to experience a stay in a historical atmosphere in Shiraz but with the same quality as a modern hotel? Then Zandieh Hotel is the right choice for you. Zandieh Hotel is a luxurious hotel with modern facilities that will take you to the heart of the history and culture of old Shiraz. Located in the center of Shiraz and Zandieh area, Zandieh Hotel is one of the best 5-star hotels. While providing facilities at an international level, it offers an original and ancient vibe of the Persian culture.
The design and architecture of Zandieh Hotel are inspired by traditional Iranian architecture but have a downright luxurious appearance. In this way, guests can experience a modern stay in the heart of Shiraz’s thousands of years of history. This beautiful hotel is built on 3 floors and has 75 fully equipped rooms and suites.
The hotel lobby is decorated with antique furniture. The use of dark red and cream colors in the halls gives a particular elegance and beauty to them. In addition, the hotel staff is very experienced and fluent in English and other living languages ​​of the world.
A traditional restaurant with a beautiful pool in the middle of its yard, use of the most modern technologies in the rooms, a well-equipped water complex, and use of furniture and stylish bed services are just some of the many special facilities of Zandieh Hotel.

Amenities of the Hotel
Traditional Persian bathhouse: This traditional Hammam is one of the most popular entertainment centers of Zandieh Hotel which is designed using the architecture of old Persian baths and allows guests to experience a bath with massage and reception of the ancient aristocracy.
Hotel’s water complex: This water complex consists of a large swimming pool, sauna, and jacuzzi and has a design similar to Shiraz Vakil Bath. In addition, the use of this facility is free for hotel guests.
Handicraft sales gallery: If you do not manage to buy souvenirs during your sightseeing, you can go to the large and well-equipped hotel gallery and buy colorful handicrafts along with delicious Shirazi sweets as souvenirs.
Hotel restaurant complex: Zandieh Hotel has 4 restaurants called Classic Restaurant, Garden Yard, a coffee shop, and a traditional restaurant. So, at Zandieh Hotel, finding food that matches your taste is always guaranteed.
All the spacious rooms at Zandieh Hotel offer facilities such as very comfortable sleeping services, air conditioning systems, flat-screen TV, internet, safe room service, tea maker, bathroom with complete sanitary ware, balcony facing the old view of Shiraz, complimentary breakfast, and refrigerators.

Hotel’s location
Zandieh Hotel in Shiraz is located on Hijrat Street, in the back of Karim Khan Citadel. The excellent location makes it easy for hotel guests to access the city’s historical attractions in a short time and convenient way.

Distance of Zandieh Hotel to Important Places in Shiraz
To Shah Cheragh Tomb: 8 minutes by car (1.9 km)
To Karimkhani Citadel: 12 minutes walk and 5 minutes by car (1.3 km)
To Vakil Mosque: 14 minutes walk and 5 minutes by car (1.2 km)
To Eram Garden:, 34 minutes walk and 9 minutes by car (3.5 km)
To Saadi Tomb: 1-hour walk and 15 minutes by car (5.6 km)
To Hafez Tomb: 25-minute walk and 11 minutes by car (3.6 km)
To the tomb of Cyrus: 1 hour and 36 minutes by car (129 km)
To Vakil Bazaar: 15-minute walk and 5 minutes by car (1.3 km)
To Persepolis: 55 minutes by car (56.4 km)
To Shiraz International Exhibition: 35 minutes by car (24.6 km)
To Shiraz international airport: 24 minutes by car (9 km)

Zandiyeh Hotel - Shiraz
Laleh Kandovan Hotel; Living through History

Suppose you are the type of person who always looks for eccentric experiences and places to stay during their trips. In that case, Laleh Kandovan Hotel is the right choice for you. Located in the heart of the historical village of Kandovan, Laleh Kandovan Rocky Hotel is the third rocky hotel in the world with mountainous and beautiful nature. This five-star hotel with its strange and unimaginable architecture, is 40 km away from Tabriz. This unique hotel has 40 rooms made out of natural stone, including Jacuzzis and all modern amenities.
One of the hotel’s notable features is its tap water, which is one of the best mineral waters in Iran and is very useful for kidney-related diseases. Laleh Kandovan Hotel is unique in its kind. For this reason, it always attracts many tourists and nature enthusiasts from all over the world.

Climatic Conditions in Kandovan
Kandovan village is located two thousand meters above sea level. In winter and autumn, the climate of Kandovan is frigid; this has led to a significant reduction in the number of passengers in the colder months of the year. With the decrease of tourists in the city, Tabriz hotels and Laleh Kandovan hotel consider special discounts to attract more travelers.
The best time to travel to Tabriz is in winter and autumn in terms of the cost of hotel accommodation, but the best time in terms of weather is summer and spring. Of course, in this period, due to the increase in the number of passengers, room prices in Tabriz hotels are offered without discounts and can be rather costly. The choice of travel time depends on the interests of travelers. If you want to reduce your travel expenses, travel in winter. If the cold weather is unbearable for you, you can travel in summer, which offers cool and pleasant weather due to the mountainous nature of Kandovan.

Facilities of Laleh Kandovan Hotel
As mentioned before, one of the remarkable facilities of Laleh Kandovan Hotel is its piped water which is one of the best mineral waters in Iran.
The rooms at Laleh Hotel vary from an ordinary double bed, double bed with jacuzzi, four-bed with Jacuzzi, Royal Suite to Imperial Suite. Other facilities of this hotel include a restaurant (local Tabriz and Persian food), coffee shop, traditional dining room, conference hall, sauna and jacuzzi, free internet in rooms, laundry, safe, parking and taxi service.
Due to its rocky texture, the hotel does not have elevators. The entrance to the hotel is wholly stepped; therefore, people who have difficulty walking should pay attention to this issue.
By traveling to Iran and staying in one of the 5 mentioned hotels or any of the beautiful hotels, guest houses, or traditional houses, you will experience a memorable stay with a combination of luxury and Persian architecture and soul. It is worth mentioning that although all the hotels mentioned above are 5-star ones (other than Laleh Hotel), the standards applied to them are different from the world’s standards. Despite that, an absolutely delightful experience is waiting for you in Persian hotels.

Distance of Laleh Kandovan Hotel to important places in Tabriz:
To Kandovan historical village: 8 minutes walk (667 meters)
To the train station: 46 minutes by car (47 km and 964 meters)
To passenger terminal: 49 minutes by car (50 km and 627 m)
To the international airport: 51 minutes by car (55 km and 103 meters)
To Tabriz Bazaar: 53 minutes by car (56 km and 372 meters)
To the Municipal Museum Palace: 56 minutes by car (57 km and 856 meters)
To the International Exhibition: 1 hour and 5 minutes by car (65 km and 550 meters)
To St. Stephen’s Church: 2 hours and 42 minutes by car (195 km and 734 meters)

Laleh Kandovan Hotel - Tabriz

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