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Here, in our universe, all attractions are unique. The mountains, the deserts, the forests, the seas, and even the people, as if they were diamond slivers of heaven. Perhaps they fell from the bright air and settled on fertile lands that we call the land of Persia. Here, everything has its root and a history as old as a human civilization! Where have you seen it preserved so purely for millennia despite numerous wars, conflicts, and mythological stories?

    The land of Persia, which holds Iran and Tajikistan in a tight embrace, is so magnificent that it will make your heart beat fast. And so vast that every attraction is a testament to your taste. Can you imagine that you can experience mountains, sea, desert, and forest in a single day? Did you ever think it is possible to camp one night in the starry desert and the other night in the sunny forest! And what a beautiful dilemma when you can not decide whether to conquer the high peaks as a victor or explore the green plains as an explorer.

Iran, as a gateway to human civilization, invites you to be a nature lover, history lover, culture lover, and generally a traveler to visit its nooks and crannies, from the Pink Mosque to the Cathedral of Saint Thaddeus, from the King’s Square to the traditional houses in the desert.

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In the past years, PTS has been honored to fulfill the needs and dreams of incoming tourists by providing unique travel services and customized vacation packages in Persia’s land. Our profession is to organize private and unique tours of the nature and culture of Iran, Tajikistan, and startup businesses for the first time.
    Below you will find more details about our travel plans. We grant our tourists the privilege of creating their dream itineraries based on factors such as the climatic diversity in Persia, the type of trip, travel budget, highlighted attractions, and travel days. You can also order your special itinerary by filling out the form below and leaving it to our professional team.

Desert Tours

When we hear the word desert, we undoubtedly think of land with little rain, dunes, flash floods, cacti, the blazing sun, and the barren emptiness wandered by nomads. But PTS is here to change your view of desert tours.
    Close your eyes. Imagine the warm sand on your bare toes, the sun on your skin, the sound of the silence in your ears, and the fresh breath in your head. How would it feel to ride a camel at a beautiful sunset and watch the endless stars as you lie down in the sand? If you are fed up with your routine life. If you are looking for great adventures in your life. Then you have come to the right place! Get ready to see the vast desert.
    Throughout the Iranian plateau, desert ranges in their own form and immense and beautiful views have given their observers unforgettable memories. It is impossible to feel anything but palpitating joy in this warm sun, in this desert! Exploring nature in the deserts of Iran is one of the most important services in the Persian Tourism Service.

VIP Desert Tour

In our first desert package, you will become Marco Polo and explore stars, silence, sun, and wind. You will touch the desert with your heart while walking on the sand with your bare toes. PTS has suggested this special desert tour for desert lovers. Here it is best if you are a lover. You just need to fly to Tehran, Shiraz, or even Isfahan; we will take care of the rest of the trip! Our main services in desert tours are camel riding, hiking, off-road tours with 2WD cars, staying in desert houses, and meeting with locals in the desert. For more details, please refer to our desert tour itinerary.

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Where have you ever seen green gardens in the middle of the desert? Everything here is magical. Historic houses in the desert bloomed like paradise gardens. Local camel drivers are experienced like a man who has lived in the desert for thousands of years. Here you should walk to get to the treasures of Egypt in the land of Persia. Book now if you want excitement, desert camp, love, adventure, history, and culture in one package. PTS will give you happiness, like adrenaline.

Explore Desert by Your Car

Tourists who want to visit Persia can enter through the Turkish border with their 2-wheel drive cars. Our itinerary will start from there; we call it the border of heaven. First, we will visit the northwest of Iran and then drive to Tehran, the capital of Iran. After visiting the main tourist highlights in Tehran, our actual trip will begin. We will move to the central desert of Iran, near Kashan, the city of rosewater. We then travel to the Lut Desert to end our journey in the port city of Bandar Abbas. This itinerary lasts three weeks, during which we spend more than ten days in lands that are a mirror of the sky: Deserts.

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Startup Tours

Thanks to Iranian elites and government support, the Iranian startup ecosystem has achieved remarkable results for several years. Various teams in the industry, finance, and business services are offering innovative and valuable products. However, visiting these collections requires a lot of coordination. As an initiator of startup tours, we at Persian Tourism Service invite startup teams, investors, and entrepreneurs to participate in PTS startup tours.

Iran Tour- Nature and Culture

The beautiful nature, numerous historical monuments, and rich culture of Iran invite tourists to visit the land of Persia from natural and cultural points of view. One of the most popular itineraries is the Nature and Culture Tour between Iran cities and their beautiful nature. In this way, you can visit famous Iranian cities like Isfahan and Shiraz while experiencing the desert and camel riding. You just need to tell us your arrival time in Iran and your desired date. Persian Tourism Service can arrange the best Nature and Culture Tour for you.

PTS itineraries are a double win for Nature and Culture lovers.

“Adventure on the classic route of Iran” is the best travel option for those traveling to Iran for the first time. Our tour is a package of golden destinations that you must see in the land of Persia. Stories are waiting for you.
The beautiful nature, numerous historical monuments and rich culture of Iran invite tourists to visit the land of Persia from natural and cultural points of view. One of the most popular itineraries is the nature and culture tour between Iran cities and their beautiful nature. You can also visit famous Iranian cities like Isfahan, Yazd and Shiraz while experiencing the desert and camel riding in the central desert of Iran. You just need to tell us your arrival time in Iran and your desired date. Persian Tourism Service can arrange the best nature and culture tour for you. “Adventure on the classic route of Iran” is one of the most popular travel packages recommended by our tourists because it combines nature, culture and adventure in this wonderful travel suitcase.

Iran Tour – Nature

The diversity of Iran’s nature leads to the desired weather conditions in different regions and seasons. Persian Tourism Service is well prepared to undertake unique itineraries for you throughout Iran. These include climbing Damavand peak, camping in the western mountains, staying in the Lut Desert, and trekking in the forests. Book now our nature tours to realize your dreams.


Throughout history, Persia tourists have traveled to Tajikistan after visiting Iran to complete their journey in the land of Persia by seeing the historical and cultural sites of Tajikistan. Persian Tourism Service is glad to offer you unique Tajikistan tours soon.

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