Shenzar Guest House

Dunes and dunes out of finest sand and high mountains on the horizon - this panorama paired with absolute silence you can only find in Mesr desert.

In the old and beautifully restored master’s house of the 170 soul village family Barati welcomes tourist to enjoy the amazing nature surrounding them. You have the opportunity to experience a stay in this traditional guest house with best Iranian food and warmest hospitality. For sunset the sons of the family will take you to the desert and serve hot tea at the bonfire, while you can observe bright shining milky-way. For those who look for more action camel riding and an off-road tour with Jeep or ATV (four- wheel motorcycle) are obligatory. Check out the pictures and do not hesitate to contact us for more details and questions.

Please pay attention to the following points:

1: The visiting items are considered for the car with a capacity of four passengers, so the whole cost will be divided between all four passengers.

2: The leader will not be charged, if the number of passengers is more than three people.

3: The driver will be free as well, if the number is more than ten passengers, in addition to the leader.