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July 15, 2017

A trip to Mount Tochal

When a friendly Iranian person I randomly met at the airport, minutes after my arrival, told me that there are mountains in Iran still covered in snow at the peaks, I was in utter disbelief. As a mountain lover I was overwhelmingly happy with this news, but my cynical-self stopped me from believing that it was true. You can only imagine my sincere joy when my amazing host family organized a trip to Mount Tochal for me and yes, it was true, there was still snow on the peaks, even though it was summer and the heat had already kicked in.

We went up to the seventh station with the help of cable cars, during which together with my host family, we ate fruits, sang to western music, and attempted to dance to Iranian music whilst hanging up in the sky above the stunningly beautiful mountains. Something I noticed about Iranians is that they seem to take every possible moment they can to have fun especially by singing and dancing to their wonderful Iranian music. It was quite the entertaining ride up the mountain to say the least.

The view from the cable was stunning, the higher up we went, the smaller the enormous city of Tehran looked, the gigantic skyscrapers slowly, slowly turned into merely an ocean of ants. Contrary to this, the higher we got the larger the majestic mountains looked, and we swiftly drifted away from the commotion of the city and into the peace and tranquility of the mountains.

I was completely overjoyed with the sight of snow on the peaks, and even more so, when we got off the cable car and I was welcomed with a large patch of snow and a beautiful scenery of the chain of mountains in the distance.

We started to slowly climb towards the summit of Mount Tochal with a number of breaks in between which were used to eat fresh fruit and take a moment to absorb in the stunning mountains which surrounded us. After the hike my host family treated me with a warm bowl of Ash at the restaurant, which is a typical Iranian dish, similar to a thick soup but even more delicious!

This trip was the best welcome I could have had in this beautiful country; you will need to visit it to understand!



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