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July 23, 2017

A road-trip around Iran

With our bags packed and cameras ready, we took off from Tehran very early in the morning and headed off to Kashan, whilst listening to some beautiful Iranian music and looking at the most beautiful scenery.  As we arrived to Kashan we headed towards the Finn Garden, a typical Persian garden with a beautiful pavilion decorated with intrinsic and gorgeous patterns. We then visited the Armeriha house, a beautiful traditional Iranian house,  where we were greeted by a woman making Persian carpets who to our delight, offered to teach us how to do the Iranian and Turkish knots and even let us try it out for ourselves.

In the afternoon, we continued our journey to Barzok where we planned to stay the night in a beautiful guesthouse called Saray-e Saleh. The guesthouse was stunning to say the least, and decorated so beautifully that it looked like a work of art inside. The people of the village where very kind and welcoming, they showed us how rose water is produced and a woman even showed us around the country side and took us to the mountains for sunset. We were then welcomed at her family’s house for some tea and fruits, and they showed us the room where they make Persian carpets and to our surprise found ourselves bargaining and purchasing a small carpet too!

The next morning we headed towards Esfahan, and we decided to start our visit by heading to a stunning restaurant Naghshe Jahan Traditional Restaurant, which on top of their delicious food, it is also decorated with the most beautiful mosaics and colorful stained glass which heightens the wonderful experience.

We then headed towards the stunning Naqsh-e Jahan square which has a large water fountain in the middle. There were many kids playing in the water fountain which gave an incredible warm and welcoming feeling to the traditional city of Esfahan. We also visited the main mosque in the square, which was beautifully decorated in colorful geometric patterns.

The next morning we set off to Mesr Desert where we stayed for the following three days at the amazing and hospitable Shenzar Guesthouse. We had crazy jeep rides on sand dunes and awesome ATV motor rides during sunset which is the perfect treat for any adventure seeker like me. We also camped in the desert for a night, smoking shisha around the fire beneath a sky full of stars, which was utterly perfect.

After an epic three days in the desert, we set off to a very different climate that of a very humid and rainy north of Iran. On the way we stopped to visit the beautiful salt lakes on the mountains called Badab-e Surt which are a stunning natural formation. We drove up to the Caspian Sea where I attempted to swim a bit despite the turbulent sea and we also got to watch the beautiful sunset light up the sky.

During our two day stay in the north we visited beautiful forests, mountains and even swam underneath beautiful waterfalls in Palang Dareh. This was for sure one of the best experiences of my life and the diverse nature that Iran has to offer, from traditional cities to small rural villages, endless chains of mountains, forests, waterfalls and deserts make it the perfect place to have a raodtrip as you get to experience everything at one go!


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