Mesr village is the harbour in a sea of infinite dunes out of finest sand. Ascend a high dune and the panorama gives the impression of wavy ocean with a far distant and seemingly unreal mountain chain as shore.

Mesr Desert

One of the main tourist attractions of Iran is its stunningly massive deserts. The total area of Iran covered in desert is approximately 320,000Km2. This means that 20% of Iran’s area is covered in deserts, which is equivalent to size of Norway and even bigger than the size of Poland!

One of the main reasons why Iranian deserts are so unique and incomparable to others, is that within the Iranian deserts one may find endless chains of mountains which create a truly magnificent landscape. Sand, clear and starry sky and complete silence are all common characteristics of an Iranian deserts. Yet each of them has their own unique features which make the experience even more incredible.

Mesr village is located in the Isfahan Province, close the Khur and Jandagh cities, from which you can travel via public transport.  It is situated around 630km away from Tehran and takes an average of 8 hours by car, and around 430km from Isfahan which takes around 5 hours by car.

In its literal meaning, Mesri means ‘Egypt’ and despite that there are no pyramids, Mesr Desert has a lot to offer to everyone. From the person seeking some peace and quiet underneath a sky full of stars to the one looking for the thrill of an adventure driving up and down on sand dunes, Mesr Desert will surely not disappoint anyone. In Mesr Desert, one can find very diverse landscapes from salt lakes to mountains and high sand dunes.  
Sitting around the fire, drinking tea and admiring the stunnig beauty of the sunset from the desert is an experience you must have when visiting Iran. The way the sun lights up the sand dunes and the mountains in the distance is something that cannot be described. As the sun slowly disappears from the sky, it slowly erupts into a magnificent scene of millions of stars shining. The bright Milky Way makes you feel closer than ever to the rest of the universe.

While Mesr is the perfect place for relaxation and meditation, individuals looking for a more adventurous experience in the desert will for sure find what they are looking for here. Riding a camel and roaming around the sand dunes is a must when visiting any desert and Mesr is no exception. For those looking for more action an ATV motor ride (4 –wheel motorbike), or an off-raod vehicle, riding up and down the sand dunes is a great way to spend your evening in the desert especially during sunset. The well experienced drivers here take you on an insane ride through the desert, going up sand dunes higher than 20m, which beats any roller-coaster ride.
Mesr is also surrounded by many beautiful and historical sites. One can visit the nearby Qanat, from the town of Jandagh, an underground canal which is used to transport water over more than a dozen kilometres from the mountains to the village. Mesr is also the ideal place for you to go on day trips to other beautiful locations close by, such as the 3000 years old Bayaze castle, the oasis of Garme as well as Tabas, Naien and Chupanan, which all have their unique historical and environmental sites.

Shenzar Guest House

In the past the ruler of Mesr village used to reside in this house, which was later renovated into what is nowadays known as the Shenzar Guesthouse. This beautifully restored house belongs to the very hospitable Barati family, which welcomes tourists to enjoy the amazing nature that surrounds them. Here you will have the opportunity to experience living in a traditional desert house with delicious Iranian food and very warm hospitality. The guest house will organize any kind of trip or adventure you would like to have, from visiting other towns and villages, to camel riding, ATV motors, off-roading and camping in the desert.  For more information check out Shenzar Guest House page or contact us for more information on

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