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January 19, 2017


After a fantastic stay in the Shenzar Guest House in the Mesr desert we went to Yazd, where we were accommodated in a lovely renovated hostel in the old part of the city. From there, all the important sights are within walking distance to the Jame Mosque, Amir Chakhmagh, Bazar and Water Museum – all of which I highly recommend to visit. A bit outside the centre you find the Dowlad Abad garden with the world’s highest Badgir, a Zoroastrian fire temple which flame is burning for more than 1500 years as well as an ancient Zoroastrian area, called Dakhmeh used for funeral ceremonies. On this property are two hills, where the bodies were brought and consumed by vultures. After some months the bones were collected and buried. Nowadays, you can only see the ruins of the constructions and enjoy a fabulous view over the city. In the centre Yazd has very nice roof top cafés from where you can see the many Badgirs for which the city is famous.


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