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January 3, 2017


The first days in Tehran were also my first days in Iran. Of course you read and hear lot but experiencing it first hand is always different. All the people were incredibly friendly and supportive when it came to questions and recommendations. At the beginning we visited the National Museum, which is quite interesting when you have a guide who speaks a language you understand. The exhibits from the Achaemenid Empire were most fascinating me. Not far from there is the Golestan Palace, which I highly recommend you to visit. The complex is really amazing as well as the different rooms and buildings you can enter. The hall in which the former Shah (King) used to welcome his guests is with all its mirrors, decorations and gifts from other monarchs from all over the world just stunning. When you have good weather conditions the Milad Tower, Tehran’s landmark, is obligatory. I really enjoyed the view from roughly 300 meter over the whole city. Sadly, I didn’t have more time to visit the other cultural attractions like the famous National Treasury but I found great joy exploring the Iranian food – which I hope also accounts for something. There is a lot of traffic in Tehran and I can recommend to use the subway, which is quite cheap and convenient.


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