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January 19, 2017


Shiraz was one of my favourite cities in Iran. Although it has quite a big population of roughly 1,5 million inhabitants and the street are not less busy as in the other cities, it has a unique peaceful atmosphere. This is probably due to the many Persian Gardens you find all over Shiraz. The city has many beautiful sights as the old citadel, which was the palace of the former Zandie dynasty, the tomb Iran’s most important poet Hafez and multiple mosques. The most impressing one is the Nasir ol Molk Mosque with has most colourful windows and is simply breath taking – especially in the morning. The huge Vakil Bazar is the perfect opportunity to find a souvenir for your family. Not far from the Shiraz are the legendary Persepolis, Necropolis and Pasargadae the biggest remaining sights of the great Achaemenid Empire. Persepolis is largely destroyed but I found it quit impressive to walk on the paths of this 2500 years old civilization.


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