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January 16, 2017


After I enjoying the amazing Mesr dessert for a couple of days I continued my journey to Isfahan. It is one of the historical and cultural capitols of Iran. The huge Naqsh-e Jahan square, which directly translates to „painting of the world” in the heart of the city is simply majestic. It is surrounded by a bazar and three major buildings of the Safavid period. At the head of the square you directly detect a decorated half dome, which resembles the entrance of the gigantic Shah mosque. Besides the impressive size and the different architectural elements you can step in the centre of the main building, clap your hands and hear the echo for 7 times. On the long sides of the square you find an old religious monument with a dome, which colourful ceramics, you can see from far distance and the old Ali Qapu Palace. The palace is unique through its enormous terrace on the 3rd floor from which you can enjoy the former King’s view over the whole city. Our hotel was in the Armenian quarter Joulfa directly next to the famous Armenian Orthodox Vank Cathedral. It was interesting to see this Christian church in the middle of Iran and to discover the history of the Armenians in the museum next to the cathedral, which itself might appear a bit simplistic from the outside but is therefore from the inside one of the most decorated buildings you can imagine and you literally get a sour neck from starring at the fabulous domes. In the evening we went for a walk through the vivid district to the three ancient bridges in the Zayandeh river. At night all of them are tainted in an atmospheric light and one of them has a tea house in the middle. The Chehel Sotoun garden, which is also on the UNESCO world heritage list deserved its title as well and is definitely worth a visit. The old palace has an amazing porch with 20 14 meter high wooden pillars and is decorated with hundreds of mirrors. In the insides you find delicate wood works and gigantic paintings to which the audio guides tells you fascinating stories of India’s King and important battles. Iranian also call Ishahan  “half of the world” and after visiting this city I can only agree with this description.


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