Iran is a Safe Destination for You

In the field of tourism, security and safety come first. Choosing a safe destination especially these days has become a great concern for all the travelers and the tourists.

When you first think of Iran, you might have the impression that Iran – because it is located in the unstable Middle East – is an unsafe destination. This is definitely not the case: Iran is safe, and many travelers even describe it as the ‘safest country I’ve ever been to’. The people are utmost friendly and will welcome you with open arms.

In recent years, in which problems in the Middle East exacerbated, Iran has always been a safe haven and barely any terrorist attacks harming people have been reported. The high level of security in Iran convinces lots of foreign tourists to come and visit Iran and enjoy a peaceful, secure and civilized country with lots of rich natural and cultural heritage. However, it is advised to avoid travelling (to insure your safety) to the borders.

As crime carries severe penalties in Iran, the most likely danger you could face (apart from crossing the road) is having your valuables snatched. Therefore it is wise to take the usual precautions:

  • On public transport and in crowded touristic places, keep your valuables close (passport, money, camera and mobile phone).
  • Keep photocopies of the most import documents (passport, visa).
  • Don’t flash money or expensive (camera) equipment.

Road Safety
Traffic in Iran and especially in Tehran is crazy and chaotic. Pay attention when crossing the streets; your presence might be noted, but not always taken into account. Furthermore, when having started to cross the road, do not make unpredictable movements, such as returning back or starting to run.

Travelling as a Woman
Iran is a safe country for female travellers. Nonetheless, as in any other country, woman should be careful in situations where you are alone with a man, for example when using taxi’s at night. As foreign women might attract attention, try to not provoke this.

Police and Security
In most of the cities, there is a Tourist Police Station, which can provide travellers with  information. Usually an English speaker is present to help you when needed.
Various police forces operate in Iran: the traffic police can be recognized by their white caps and white cars with a blue stripe, the security police by their bright green uniforms, dark green cap and white cars with a green stripe. If you are confronted with police, either way, always stay calm, polite and apologetic. 
The emergency telephone number is 110.