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September 8, 2016


Traveling to Kermanshah was another desire which was fulfilled some days ago. Seeking history’s footprint through the most ancient parts of Iran, existence of great civilizations and outstanding monuments and beautiful nature are all just a small part of this fascinating city. We started our trip by bus at 10 pm from Tehran and we reached Kermanshah at 6:30 am. After having breakfast in Azadegan hotel, we left for Moavenolmolk Tekyeh, then Tagh-e Bostan where there are three rock reliefs of Sassanid dynasty. After having lunch in beautiful traditional restaurant of Tagh-e Bostan and trying the local food, ”Dande Kabab“ we moved toward Bistun. Bistun is a beautiful mountain where we can find many monuments from various eras including Darius the great’s rock relief and Hercules’ stone statue on the mountain, from Seleucid dynasty. The remains of Anahita temple in Kangavar was our last destination. Anahita was believed as the goddess of Water and fertility from ancient era. To put in a nutshell, touching the ancient history and being with wonderful local people of western part of Iran was a great experience for me and is highly recommended to you!


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Hello! I'm Fatemeh Heydari, living in Tehran,Iran as an English & Spanish tour guide. I'm so Glad to find such a great opportunity to introduce Beautiful Iran as the cradle of History & Culture to the whole world. Hope to see U in Iran:)


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