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July 25, 2017

Northern Iran

Spending three days in the very hot Mesr desert made us longing for some cool fresh air. This we found in the North.

The first place we visited in the north was Sari, a place close to the Caspian Sea. Going to the beach here was a different experience: being used to everybody swimming in bikini and shorts, here people are swimming with their clothes on. Other than that, everybody was just enjoying their free time as in any other beach; eating, playing and relaxing. Already experienced the Iranian hospitality many times, the beach wasn’t an exception: we (a Chinese and Dutch girl) got invited by this family for tea. As communicating in Farsi wasn’t an option for us, and in English not for them, we tried to find our way using gestures and google translate. After taking some pictures all together, we unfortunately had to leave them before dinner.   

Refreshed we continued our way to our host for the coming two days in Shir Gah. As this place is very close to the forest, it’s also very humid and rainy, opposite to the dry desert. When you enter the forest, everything is so green! We’ve spotted wild animals (a fox and wild pigs), went hiking, swam underneath waterfalls and we barbecued the most delicious chicken. A perfect place for nature and camping lovers.

Lastly on our way back to Tehran, we made a stop in Alasht; again exposing a different landscape and climate to us. Furthermore, in this city you can visit a museum, known for its historical background. 


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