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July 23, 2017


After 8 days of travelling through Iran, we’ve seen amazing sights and interesting culture, connected with beautiful people, and experienced all types of weather. But out of all these experiences I want to highlight one of the places we visited, Barzok. Barzok – located close to the city of Kashan and on a three hour drive from Tehran – is a historical village in the middle of the mountains. This peaceful village, surrounded by nature, makes you feel completely at rest.

Being welcomed to a beautiful authentic ecolodge, built according to the traditional architecture, our host showed us the process of making rosewater. This flavoured water is heavily used in Persian cuisine and gives a soft sweet, but very distinctive touch to for example tea, ice cream or cookies. I really love the smell and taste of rosewater and I think it’s already one of my favourite typical Iranian products. Familiarized with the process of producing rosewater, we continued exploring Barzok; we had a walk along one of the natural springs, were standing at sights overlooking the area and last but not least, we went to this impressive place from which we could watch the sunset; the feeling of fresh air on your face and the wind blowing through your hair, the silence, the beauty of nature and the mesmerizing sky, all make you feel so humble, so small. After this, we returned to the ecolodge, where the owner, the most kind guy, was waiting to invite us to his place for tea, where we could find another part of the family business: handmade Persian carpets – another one of my favourite Iranian products. The patterns, the details, the colours, amazing! Ending the evening with smoking some hookah, we were ready to go to sleep. 


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