Tomb of Cyrus the Great

The monument of Cyrus the Great is located in Pasargadae in Fars province. Cyrus the great was the founder of Achaemenid Empire. Pasargadae is built in 6th century BC by Cyrus the Great.




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Culture and History

Known to be one of the world’s oldest civilizations, Iran’s history and culture are incredibly rich. The 22 UNESCO sites will take you back in time to the beginning of the powerful Persian Empire. The traditional food, music and dance will let you experience Iran’s vibrant culture.

Cities of Iran

Discover the diverse and beautiful cities Iran has to offer you: from the metropolitan city of Tehran, to the city of poets Shiraz and the historic city of Isfahan. Immerse yourself in each city’s unique architecture, interesting museums, best restaurants and relaxing parks.

Nature and adventure

Iran, the country of four seasons, has so many breath-taking landscapes: infinite deserts and snowy mountains, beautiful lakes and hidden caves, evergreen forests and impressive rock formations. Find out more about Iran’s nature and adventurous activities.


The first days in Tehran were also my first days in Iran. Of course you read and hear lot but experiencing it first hand is always different. All the people were incredibly friendly and supportive when it came to questions and recommendations. At the beginning …

Meine erste Reise in die Wüste

Wegen einer Einladung meines Freundes hatte ich die Gelegenheit, in die Mesr Wüste zu reisen. Das liegt in der Nähe der Stadt Khur, Hauptgemeinde von der gleichnamigen Kommune. Man kann mit dem Bus dahin fahren und ich war 9 Stunden unterwegs. Mein Bus fuhr mit …


Traveling to Kermanshah was another desire which was fulfilled some days ago. Seeking history’s footprint through the most ancient parts of Iran, existence of great civilizations and outstanding monuments and beautiful nature are all just a small part of this fascinating city. We started our …