Traditional Sports


Zurkhaneh is a traditional Iranian sport which literally means ‘house of strength’. Until the 20th century, this was mainly associated with wrestling. In this place, the athletes undergo very intense training under the instructions of a man called the Morshed.

The Zurkhaneh ritual is directed by a musician who whilst keeping the tempo on a drums and ringing bells to mark the beginning of different sections of exercises, he also chants sacred poetry. Although historians are unsure about the exact date of its creation, Zoorkhaneh is one of the oldest forms of martial arts in the world which is described as combination of effort, strength, generosity, chivalries spirit and love of one’s country, combined with Iranian art and literature. This sport, with its thousands of years of history, has played an important role in empowering both the mental and physical health of the people.

Chogan – Polo

Polo is a game played on the back of a horse with a stick (mallet) and ball. The earliest records of polo are Persian; there is evidence that this was played in the time of King Darius the Great.  Polo was the world’s first team sport, the world’s first ball game, and today is recognized as the world’s fastest team sport and ball game.  The first recorded game took place in 600 BC, in Ancient Persia.  Throughout history, the game has been popular among many generals, warriors, princes, and kings as a means of training cavalry for warfare.