Mesr village is the harbour in a sea of infinite dunes out of finest sand. Ascend a high dune and the panorama gives the impression of wavy ocean with a far distant and seemingly unreal mountain chain as shore.

One of the tourist attractions of Iran is its deserts. The total area of deserts in Iran is approximately 320,000Km2. In other words 20% of Iran’s area which is equaled to the whole area of Norway and even bigger than Poland!
Perhaps one of the main reasons why deserts of Iran are unique and incomparable in the world is existence of mountainous areas near them, so the lowlands in the neighborhood of the highlands!
Sand, clear and starry sky, pure silence, all of them are the common characteristics of the deserts in Iran. But each has its own unique features which are described in the following.

The little village is located in the Isfahan Province and part of Khur from where you need 45 min to Mesr. The 630km from Tehran take on average 8 hours and the 430km to Isfahan 5 hours by car. There is the opportunity to travel via public transport to Jandagh and Khur. From these locations a pick up can be arranged.

Next to the village office, a paramedic station and the fire truck you find a couple of small stores selling all kind of supplies for your journey.  For local manufactured jewellery and art, you can stop at the Pazirik Shop at the main street. Besides that, you can find a café and number of guest houses offering various services in Mesr.

The literal translation of Mesr is “Egypt” and although there are no pyramids to visit there is lots of other stuff the Mesr desert has to offer.

In endless promenades and excursions in the desert you can truly breath in the amazing nature and absolute silence of the desert. Within short distances you find different landscapes as salt lakes, mountains and dunes. Enjoying the sunset with freshly prepared cup of tea next to the fire is an unforgettable experience. During the night the bright milky way seems to be so close that it feels like you could just grab for the stars. Mesr is perfect for relaxing, meditation and grabbing that book you always wanted read.

For little money you have the opportunity to ride a camel. They are basically the symbol of the desert and the experiences of being so close and touch the fur of these imposing animals are creating lasting memories. Those seeking for more action a ride with an ATV (4-wheel motorbike) or an off-road vehicle is obligatory. The drivers navigate their machines skilful over the up to 20m high dunes and beat every roller-coaster ride.

Mesr is surrounded by many beautiful and ancient sites. So you can visit the near by Qanat, which transport water over more than a douzen kilometres from the mountains to the village and the old ancient castle in Jandagh. If you have more time Mesr is the perfect location to start a day trip. Within a couple of hours, you reach the 3000 years old Bayaze castle, the oasis Garme as well as Tabas, Naien and Chupanan, which all have their unique historical and environmental sites.

Shenzar Guest House

In the old and beautifully restored master’s house of the 170 soul village family Barati welcomes tourist to enjoy the amazing nature surrounding them. You have the opportunity to experience a stay in this traditional guest house with best Iranian food and warmest hospitality. For sunset the sons of the family will take you to the desert and serve hot tea at the bonfire. Check out Shenzar Guest House in our booking section and do not hesitate to contact us for more details and questions.

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