Iran is a safe destination for you

In the field of tourism, security and safety come first. Choosing a safe destination especially these days has become a great concern for all the travelers and the tourists.

     Safety is a significant parameter for a traveler. All the travelers and tourists want to travel without any kind of anxiety, so safety is their priority. Iran is situated in the Middle East. As you know, this important zone during recent years has experienced terrorism and lots of people in this area have been forced to leave their homes.

     In all these years, in spite of deteriorating security situation in the Middle East, Iran has been a secure place and no terrorist attacks have been reported which cause damage to people.

     The high level of security in Iran convinceslots of foreign tourists to come and visit Iran instead of unsafe countries of the region and enjoy a peaceful and secure historic and civilized country with lots of rich natural and cultural heritage. Internal unity, monitoring of internal security organizations and constant interaction with the world has guaranteed the country’s security.
Iran is also a safe country for the women who travel to Iran alone without facing any issues or difficulties. In most of the cities, there is a Tourist Police Station in touristic places which provide travelers with information and security. In Iran people are also accustomed to see individual women travelers and they are warmly welcomed by locals and Iranian families.
The last point to be mentioned is that, in some phases of time, the media often scares the people about traveling to Iran and try to convince them that Iran is a dangerous place for tourists, but these are all just political games which lasts more than two decades and all knows that Iran has no security problem, so undoubtedly nowadays Iran is one of the safest tourist destinations in all around the world.