Dos and Don’ts of Traveling to Iran

Traveling abroad can be one of the best times of your life, depending on what you do while overseas. Being a tourist means taking common-sense precautions about where you go and how you conduct yourself. Respecting the rules which are almost common among all the countries, will guarantee the tranquility of your journey, so join us to know more about rules in Iran.

     All tourists traveling both individually and in groups, should consider that there are general precautions to be taken all around the world and Iran is not an exception. Iran’s rules are like other countries in the world but with some differences. After the Islamic Revolution in 1979, some of the Islamic aspects were emphasized and highlighted in Iran including women’s clothing.

     The most important of these rules is Hijab for the women. As you observe in the picture, according Islamic rules the women must cover their hair and use long sleeves clothes and they can choose their clothes using different forms and colors. Religious women in Iran prefer to wear chador which is a black gown covering from top to the toe. But most of the women prefer to wear a manteau as is visible in the picture.

    The other important rule to mention is purchase, sell and consumption of alcoholic drinks which is forbidden. Islamic government in Iran is heavily against consuming alcoholic drinks and takes decisive actions regarding this issue. It is necessary to mention that both of the aforementioned laws are not considered in Iran constitutional law, but they are approved in the Islamic penal code in the parliament.